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About Us kosmicgirlz band

Kids dream and dream big. In the case of the Kosmic Girlz Band they are living their dream as self-described, “country pop" sisters, singer, songwriters, musicians, and live performers!

Krystal, Klaira, and Katie McDowell are three sisters who play the piano, sing, and play the bass guitar respectively. They all write music and lyrics. Kosmic Girlz Band has strong stage presence, large vocals and a passion for instrumentals arrangements. They are unique, as they are a young group of all family members.

All were introduced to music at a young age and are inspired by Elton John, Floyd Cramer, and Taylor Swift. “Piano music is our passion,” Klaira states, “it is where we began, who we are influenced by, and what we love. Swift inspires us because she is a female music writer.”

Ralph McDowell, the girls’ father, is also a musical influence in their lives. “He never gives up, he inspires us,” Katie says. Tammy McDowell, their mother, is their “motivational leader.”

They are also inspired by their Grandmother Sue “Meme” McDowell, who is battling cancer. “She is our HOPE,” stated Krystal. Meme provided all the girls with their first piano lessons at the age of three. She was unable to take lessons as a child herself, and believes that music should be part of the girls’ life. The Kosmic Girlz receive their strength from her and believe she is their angel here on earth. “Meme is our symphony,” the Kosmic Girlz say.

Other dreams are being fulfilled as well. Krystal has always wanted to teach and has begun Keyz 4 Kidz. She enjoys being a music teacher and having her own studio. They have played over 300 “gigs” in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, California, Louisiana, Tennessee and Missouri. They love that they have played at Hard Rock Café Nashville and opened for Travis Tritt. The next dream to fulfill, “is to sell out at Madison Square Garden” Klaira says.

The group does lots of volunteer work at the Salvation Army, Toys for Tots, Race for the Cure, American Cancer Society, Veterans Affairs and nursing homes. They love to “bless some folks and spread some love”, as the girls say. “Our developed talent is God given and we must share it,” Krystal says.

The Kosmic Girlz Band know and HOPE that all their listeners will feel their love for music through their songs and believe that “music explains what words cannot, music is a story.” As the band grows in their music, they live fulfilled balanced lives. Music is their dream and they are living it to the fullest.

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